About us


Navrongo-Bolgatanga Catholic Diocesan Development Organization (NABOCADO) is a catholic faith based organization that have promoted  rural development since 1981. The operations of the organization covers the whole diocese which comprise of all 15 administrative districts of the Upper East Region, including 6 districts in the Northern-East Region. With a land area of 31,068 square kilometers with an estimated population of 2 million (47.6% males and 52.4 females) at the growth rate of 3% per annum, the diocese is located at the Sahel ecological region with 75% of the population being rural and 85% being agrarian. Our organization operates under four main sectors, which include Health service sector, Education sector, Livelihood and Advocacy sector and Good Governance Justice and peace sector. These sectors are headed by Directors who are coordinated by the Human Resource Coordinator.

NABOCADO operations is guided by its strategic plan which focuses on promoting; Livelihood and Advocacy, Access to quality health delivery, Access to Quality Education and Good Governance Justice and Peace in the Diocese.

Our Mission

NABOCADO exist to promote and sustain integral human development of the poor and marginalized through improved livelihood and food security, quality health and education delivery, equity and peaceful coexistence in the diocese.

Our Vision

A dignified life for the poor in which the marginalized and vulnerable in the rural areas have access to quality education and health, decent shelter, adequate food and income as contained in the social teaching of the church.

Our Core Values

Christian, people centered, non-discriminatory, stewardship, partnership, Transparency.