Yesu Dea VIP Bus CEO Donates Bus and other Items to Children’s Homes in Bolga

Mr. Yaw Amponsah Marfo, the Chief Executive Officer of Yesu Dea VIP Transport Services Limited, recently made a generous donation of 46-seater KIA Bus and food items to three children’s homes in Bolgatanga, including the Child Development Center of NABOCADO.

This donation, according to Mr. Amponsah, was a direction from God to support the less-privileged individuals across the country. “Every year, I select one region to make this donation, and I am grateful to God for giving me the strength and energy to fulfill His will,” he stated.

During a colorful ceremony held to mark the occasion, the Municipal Chief Executive (MCE) for Bolgatanga expressed his appreciation for the donation. The assembly will work together with the three beneficiary homes, namely the Child Development Center, Mama Laadi Children Home, and God’s Love Children Home, to utilize the bus as a source of revenue for the homes.

Dr. Joseph Bangu, the Director of the Good Governance, Justice, and Peace directorate, delivered an address on behalf of the Human Development Coordinator of NABOCADO. He emphasized that the bus donation would leave a lasting impact on the lives of the children and the homes, assuring that the vehicle would be well-maintained.

In addition to the bus, the donation also included 100 bags of rice, 18 boxes of tomato paste, 17 packs of toilet paper, 2 gallons of oil, 2 bags of sugar, and 2 bags of washing powder. These items will be divided among the three homes to further support their needs.

Strengthening Farmers’ Resilience: NABOCADO’s Open Field Day Inspires Sustainable Agriculture Practices

NABOCADO’s Livelihood and Advocacy directorate organized an Open Field Day at Gowrie in the Bongo district, which saw the enthusiastic participation of 50 community animators and farmers from six districts.

The event, hosted by renowned farmer Mr. Aniah Richard Adongo, focused on sharing knowledge and promoting sustainable farming practices to enhance farmers’ resilience against the effects of climate change.

The Open Day was a key component of the Strengthening of Smallholder Farmers’ Resilience towards a Changing Climate (SCRAS) project, led by NABOCADO and funded Misereor. The project aims to foster innovation and adoption of local sustainable agriculture practices, ensuring food security and nutrition for farmers and their families.

During the event, farmers had the opportunity to interact, learn, and share practical ideas with their peers under the guidance of Mr Adongo. His expertise in innovative agricultural techniques and organic farming practices made him the perfect host for this knowledge-sharing initiative. Participants were able to gain insights into sustainable farming practices that can be implemented in their own communities.

From lively discussions to hands-on experiences, the event proved to have inspired farmers to embrace sustainable agriculture practices. By fostering knowledge exchange and practical learning, the event empowered farmers to adapt and thrive in the face of climate change.

The SCRAS project, of which the Open Field Day is a part, exemplifies NABOCADO’s commitment to supporting smallholder farmers and ensuring food security. Through initiatives like these, NABOCADO continues to make a positive impact in communities, promoting sustainable agriculture and building resilience for a better future.

“NABOCADO should be made a center of excellence for dev’t organizations” – CRS Country Director

Country Director of Catholic Relief Services, CRS, Daniel Mumuni has praised the Navrongo- Bolgatanga Catholic Diocesan Development Organization, NABOCADO and called for it to be recognized as a Center of Excellence for all Diocesan Development Organizations.

Speaking Tuesday, 8th November 2023 at a three-day Learning session for Caritas / Diocesan Development Organizations held in Bolgatanga, Mr. Mumuni expressed his excitement at NABOCADO leading the engagement, highlighting the importance of peer learning being preached by CRS Ghana.
He stated “I have always advocated that NABOCADO should be made a center of excellence where all dioceses can come to learn about the structures needed to implement development programs. So, they’re registered, they have a board, they have a strategic plan, they’ve robust financial management systems. They have various structures, including program management teams that can go out to deliver and implement programs. So, makes it easy for us to either put funds in them or support them to attract resources.

The CRS Country Director also mentioned their successful collaboration with NABOCADO over the past year, resulting in increased resources for the organization. “In the last year, we have implemented two or three programs together and on the back of it, they have also gotten more resources. Today [NABOCADO] is one of the largest implementers of UNHCR on the Refugee crisis. It is happening because they (NABOCADO) have taken the pain to develop their institutional capacity.”

The three-day learning session attended by Diocesan Development Coordinators from across Ghana, aims identify gaps and best practices, it also draws upon NABOCADO’s learning experiences and develop a prototype organizational structure that will enhance the roadmap for functional Diocesan Development Organizations (DDOs).

Below are excerpts of the meeting in pictures.